In this assignment, your task in to design a game ofNim (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nim)in Python. In this game “Two players take turns removing objects fro...

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In this assignment, you are to implement a console application that supports simple MAP (Mean Arterial Pressure) analysis functi...

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Assessment Task

You are to develop a Java console application using the NetBeans 8.2 IDE. The application is to calculate and classify MAP (Mean Arterial Pressure) for a...

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Topic 1 Continuous Assessment

During this session your major assignment (see Assignment 3 specifications) will be to build a personal portfolio website to demonstrate yo...

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Purpose of the assignment 

This individual assignment will familiarise you with the techniques and  skills  involved  in  designing and creating...

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Total marks: 30

Answer the following Questions


Question 1. 

a)  Determine...

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Project Plan

You are to create an app proposal document in preparation of your Project, detailing an idea for an app, its justification, and an appraisal of similar apps...

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Your task is to complete various exercises in BlueJ, using the Java language, and to submit these via the MySCU link created for this purpose.

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1) Using any programming language of your choice implement the Frequency analysis attack to break a vigenere cipher that is using a key of length 2.

2) Specificatio...

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Develop your previous assignment topic:

For eg: If you chose grades, you can then create JavaScript class template related to grades. To the Javascript template, add beha...

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