Total marks: 30

Answer the following questions:

1. A station running TCP/IP needs to transfer a file to a host....

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This assessment item relates to the unit learning outcomes as in the unit descriptor. This assessment is designed to improve student collaborative skills in...

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This assignment is designed to encourage the development of ability to apply a systematic approach in a digital investigation through the conduct of computer f...

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Case Study Report (Individual Assignment) - 10%     (Due week 5)


For this component of assessment you...

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The Research Plan is an individual assessment and should be no longer than 1000 words.

The aim of the research plan is to allow students to focus on exploring their chosen media career/s,...

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This two-piece assignment relates to your ITIL Celanese report (12%) & reflective learning journal (8%); in total worth 20%.


You are to understand...

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Case Study Assignment - 30%      (week 12) Group Assignment

In this assignment students will work in small groups to develop components...

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Assignment 1 - Presentation and Participation - 10%   (Sessions 5-12) Individual Assignment

For this component you will be required to do a 5-10 minute...

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Assessment Task

Mahara keeps track of work each postgraduate student performs in various units. Upon graduation, a student can easily export all such assessment contents...

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Assignment 1 Specification  
Assignment 1 requires you to read and critically analyse a research article sourced from the  Australasian Conference on Information S...

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