Main Task

Select and undertake an in-depth evaluation of the following website:



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Please refer to the Unit Profile to see how this assessment item relates to the Unit Learning Outcomes.

This assignment is designed to stimulate crit...

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Portfolio 3 – PF3 (15 marks – 5 marks for each quiz) Requirements

Portfolio 3 (PF3) consists of three online Quizzes with Multiple Choice Questions. These qui...

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Portfolio 2 – PF2 (15 marks)

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This activity MUST be completed as an in-class assessment in Week 7 for internally enrolled students. The Unit C...

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Individual Assignment

The first assignment aims to assess analytical thinking as well as skills in the use of self-service analytics software packages to develop analytic...

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Case Study for Assignment 1 & Assignment 2
Designing Hospital Information Systems

A Hospital Information System (HIS) basically is a synonym f...

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This assessment will be discussed in Week 3 to be submitted in Week 4.  
Please Note: Moodle uses AEST time. That is, if you live outside Queensland you w...

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Further background
Refer to background information provided in Assessment 1 regarding the NewAccess project.

Headspace in NSW was...

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Assessment Description

Task 1: Weka Visualization and Analysis

For this task, you are required to install the...

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This assessment aims to develop and gauge student understanding of the key topics covered so far by answering the following questions. Answering these questions will...

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