CO4509 Computer Security - Assignment 1

Assignment Description

In  this  assignment you should report  on the memcrashed vulnerability from  2018.  You should write a report  that describes memcached  (how it works and how it is used). You should describe memcrashed and how to perform the exploit as well as any solutions you can find or devise to defend against memcrashed. Finally give predictions to the likely impact of memcrashed. Make sure to include references to all sources of information.


You should investigate the following:

  • Principles of key/value databases

include an example of use

  • Description of the memcrashed exploit
  • Description of any solutions to the memcrashed exploit
  • Your analysis of the likely future importance and effectiveness of mem- crashed

Learning Outcomes

  1. Analyze potential threats to computer systems and networks and evaluate countermeasures
  2. Critically evaluate security policies and techniques
  3. Research and report on a security-related topic, using appropriate literature


The assignment work should be submitted as a Word document (.docx) or Portable Document Format (.pdf) to the appropriate assignment submission slot on Blackboard1


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