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Task Description

The purpose of this assignment is to assess your competency in designing and implementing a relational database and your ability to solve simple or complex business logic/needs through creation of SQL queries. During week 7, a model solution for the Assignment 1 will be released in the unit Moodle site. Your task for this assignment is to perform logical design, physical design and implement a database based on the Assignment 1 model solution (released) including creation of SQL queries, forms and/or report objects.

You will be also asked to implement a shorter version of the above database in an alternate database application. This will require you to either undertake a demonstration (for on campus students) or make an email submission (for distance students) as per the assignment specification.

The detailed assignment specification and submission details will be available in the unit Moodle site.

Assessment Criteria

The detailed marking criteria will be provided along with the assignment specifications.

In addition to evaluating your ability to perform the logical design, your assignment solution will be assessed mainly on your ability to create a relational database that contains the following:

• appropriate tables containing relevant attributes with suitable properties
• suitable relationships among the tables
• SQL statements relevant to the given business requests
• form and/or report object(s) relevant to the given business requests

You will also be assessed on your ability to use some of the above and additional features of an alternate database application.

Penalties related to late submission and plagiarism will be applied as per University policy.

Referencing Style - Harvard

Submission - Online

Learning Outcomes Assessed

• Design and develop a small database and queries using a modern Database Management System (DBMS) and Structured Query Language (SQL)

Graduate Attributes

• Knowledge
• Communication
• Cognitive, technical and creative skills
• Ethical and Professional Responsibility

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