HI5020 Corporate Accounting

Unit Code: HI5020

Unit Title: Corporate Accounting

Assessment Type: Individual Assignment

Assessment Title: Issues in Cash Flow Statement.

Purpose of the assessment: This assignment aims at developing a clear understanding of students about income statement and cash flow statement, and use of cash flow statement to comprehend different key business decision taken by the management.

Word length: 3000 words +/- 500 words

Part A

Review the existing literature to critically examine the relative information content of the income statement and the statement of cash flows. Why do investors find both income statement and statement of cash flows useful?

Part B

From the annual financial reports of BHP Ltd, Santos Ltd, and Funtastic Ltd for the year 2019, 2018 and 2017. Examine the consolidated Cash Flow Statements for each companies across three years. Answer the following questions about each of the three cash-flow statements.

1) For each companies [except mentioned otherwise as in c), g) and i) below], across three years on the Statement of Cash Flows discuss:

a) What are the major sources of cash for each firm? What are the major uses of cash for each firm?

b) What was the trend in cash flow from (continuing) operations for each firm?

c) Compare and contrast the cash flow from operations with the net profit after tax in income statement. Explain in detail the major reasons for the difference between these two figures. (Answer this question using only the Cash flow statement for BHP Limited).

d) Was the firm able to generate enough cash from operations to pay for all of its capital expenditures?

e) Did the cash flow from operations cover the dividend payment made by the firm (if any)?

f) If the firm has generated excess cash from operations, how did the firm invest the excess cash? If not, what were the sources of cash the firm used to pay for the capital expenditures and/or dividends?

g) Did the firm use the working capital (current asset and current liability) accounts other than cash and cash equivalents as sources of cash, or uses of cash? (Answer this question using only the Cash flow statement for BHP Limited)

h) What other major items affected cash flows for each firm?

i) What was the trend in capital expenditures for each firm?

j) What was the trend in dividends (if any) for each firm?

k) What was the trend in net borrowing (proceeds from borrowing less payments of short- and long-term debt) for each firm?

l) What was the trend in working capital accounts? (Answer this question using only the Cash flow statement for BHP Limited)

3) Critically evaluate the financial strength of each of the three companies based on the evidence presented in the Statement of Cash Flows, and your answers in (1) above.

4) If you are asked to evaluate these three companies for lending purposes, which of the three companies you will select for lending? Explain Why.


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