ITC568 Cloud Privacy and Security

ITC568 Cloud Privacy and Security - Assessment item 1 - Initial Privacy and Security Assessment

Task: This assignment is designed to get you to reflect on your personal approach and feelings on information security and privacy.

Essential Reading for this assignment: 


A State Government has decided to implement their own Automated Facial Recognition Authentication (AFRA) system to enhance user authentication and identification for access to various state-level services. Initially, these services are to include application for, and renewal of,  vehicle, boat and firearms licences. The government has said that these services will use AFRA as a trial to assess the benefits and savings before considering a wider roll-out to other services.  

The State Police Service have indicated that they would like to see a roll-out of AFRA into the streets of all major cities in the state. They believe that AFRA would enable the Police to quickly identify criminals and other "persons of interest".

You have been asked to prepare a paper that considers the implications of the AFRA system, its likely benefits and issues and its likely effects on the privacy and security of individuals who use this system.

Read the articles listed above, and Chapter 2 Cybercrime in cloud:  Risks and responses in Hong Kong, Singapore, from the text before starting your report.  

Your report should cover the following:

  1. Discuss the possible benefits and problems that could be realised from the use of the AFRA system to identify individual users who wish to apply for or renew a licence. 
  2. Discuss the implications for an individual's privacy from their use of AFRA to apply for or renew a licence.
  3. Discuss the ethical and privacy implications of the State Police's proposed use of AFRA. 
  4. Would the use of AFRA enhance the security and privacy of your digital identity if used solely for licence application or renewal? Would your security and privacy remain the same if the Police proposal was accepted? Discuss the personal implications  of these proposals. 

Each question is worth 25 marks and your overall score will be scaled out of 10. As a guide, your word limit for this assignment should be around 3,000 words.  Referencing using the APA 6th edition format is required.


This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s:

  • be able to critically analyse the legal, ethical and business concerns for the security and privacy of data to be deployed to the cloud.
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