ITC571 Emerging Technologies and Innovation - Assessment item 2



Weekly Progress Reporting

For each week from Week 2 to Week 12 inclusive, add a blog post for each Weekly Progress Report as described below.


  1. From Weeks 2 to 12 in the Schedule, you are required to Submit/Bring or Present a Weekly Progress Report on your Capstone project.
  2. The Weekly Reports will follow the plan you make in Assessment Item 3 Project Proposal and Plan.
  3. The format will be described by the local lecturer as students are studying in various learning modes either in weekly classes or online weekly (on Project Blog) via Online Study mode.
  4. The template below can be modified for use:



This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s:

  • be able to perform literature searches and critically analyse the literature in the chosen topic.
  • be able to critically reflect on and synthesize complex information, problems, concepts and theories in the chosen topic.

The Project Blog helps you to document your project and to "think by writing" as you develop, manage and record the project delivery as well as your "learning journey". This is good knowledge management. While the Weekly Progress Reports are mandated as an assessment item, your blog can contain more posts about the project, interesting resources found, ideas, opinions (yours and those of others), lessons learnt and vital notes on  project documentation.


Some students think that they can pass the subject by just submitting the final assignment meeting the requirements and marking criteria.
That is incorrect according to the Subject Outline.  Please read the PASS Requirements for ITC571.

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