MN601-Network Project Management

Assessment Type: Assignment 1, Individual

Assessment Title:Individual Case Study Assignment

Purpose of the assessment (with ULO Mapping): The purpose of this assignment is to build a clear understanding of project management fundamentals and their application,specifically.    

  • demonstrate project leadership skills;identify and assess risk in designing,executing a major project.
  • critically reflect on current project management ethics,research,and theory and practice

Weight: 15% of the total assessment-Part A: 5%-Part B: 10%

Total Marks: 90

Part A:30

Part B:60


500 words for Part A

1000 words for Part B


Acknowledgement:The case study is taken fromProject Management Institute website

Jane Flattery is a recent hire at the Comet Company. She was specifically hired to be the project manager forComet’s largest project, which is a project with a budget of just over $500,000 US. Her resume showed shehad the PMP certification and seven years of experience. Jane hasbeen on the job for about two months.John Forsyth is Jane’s boss. John is quite concerned because Jane has been struggling and he hasreceivednumerous complaints that Jane is not grasping the project and is not taking responsibility for getting theproject done. John had some counselling sessions with Jane, and he documented those as a matter of record.Because Jane did not appear to grasp the project management concepts that John discussed, he started towonder about Jane’s credentials.John called customer care at the Project Management Institute. He specifically asked if Jane was aProjectManagement Professional (PMP). The customercare agent advised John that Jane was not listed but did warnhim that Jane could keep herself off the registry. John decided to give Jane another couple of weeks to see ifshe was doing better with the project.Within ten days, John received a call fromtwo different functional managers. Each functional manager statedthat the project was about to collapse. Also, each functional manager had project team members who wantedto be released from the project. Their reason was JaneFlattery was not doing her job and did not seem toknow how to do so.John had enough. He called Jane into the office. He asked her why she was not on the PMI certification registry.Jane said she preferred not to have her name made public due to some personal issues. John then askedherfor the exact date and the actual PMP certificate. Jane again had several excuses as to why she did not knowthe exact date of certification and as to why she could not provide her certificate. John asked Jane to contactProject Management Institute customer care and ask for a duplicate of her certificate or some other officialdocument verifying that she was indeed a credentialed PMP. John reminded Jane that she was a member ofthe Project Management Institute and there should be no problem asking forthe document from the customercare agent.The next day Jane admitted she was not a PMP and had never taken the exam. She also admitted that she liedon her resume. She had only worked as a project expediter for one year. Jane was fired that day.


Assignment1 is a formative assessment and is divided into two parts(Part A and Part B)to assist students inhaving a steady learning curve based on feedback and revisions.Note that you need to readthe completeAssignment 1 description before doing Part A; therefore, you can have better results for both assignments.

PART A: Annotated Bibliography               (30MARKS)

Part A of Assignment 1 focuses on developing an annotated bibliography for thecase study above.Four resources need to be used for Part A assignment and at least two journal papers need to be included.You need to answer two questions for each source shown in Table 1for developing your annotated bibliography.You should ensure all resources are published or updated within the last 5 years(2015-2020). This assessmentwill be marked by your respective tutor and written constructive feedback will be provided to you to help improve your subsequent analysis that will be conducted in Part B of this assessment.


Part B of Assignment 1 requires that you carry out further research on project management practice and discuss the ethical implication of the case study. You need to write a report that addresses the following issues provided in Table 2.Note that in your report, you must use the subheadings given in Table 2 and around 10 resources from a combination of journals, conference papers, website or any other reliable source are suggested to support your analysis.



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