COIT12205 Knowledge Management Principles - Assignment 1


A key understanding within Knowledge Management (KM) is to be able to define and differentiate between data,information and knowledge.This assessment will help you to understand the differences among data, information, and knowledge; KM technologies; different types of knowledge and KM capture process; and direct organisational impacts of KM.

As part of this assessment,you are to answer the following four questions. The questions are based on the contents of Chapter 2 (The Nature of Knowledge), Chapter 3 (Knowledge Management Foundations: Infrastructure, Mechanisms, and Technologies), Chapter4 (Knowledge Management Solutions: Processes and Systems), and Chapter 5(Organisational Impacts of Knowledge Management) respectively of the prescribed textbook.

Question 1

You are considering buying a new Holden Commodore. Gather tacit knowledge and explicit knowledge on buying Holden Commodorecars from various resources: e.g., the HoldenWeb site (, your friends etc. List your findings and explain what source of knowledge(tacit or explicit)is important for your choice.

Question 2

Define a “Community of Practice (CoP)”. Determine ways in which a local hospital would benefit from a CoP. Note:For more information about CoP, see Chapter 2 and page 46 of Chapter 3 of the textbook.

Question 3

Suggest reasons why a knowledge sharing system could be established between rival organisations (e.g., Mastercard and Visa, Toyota and Honda) for their mutual benefit.

Question 4

Critique the following analysis: “Our investment on knowledge management seems to be unsuccessful. There turn on investment(ROI) decreased from10 percent to 5 percent at the year of system implementation.Since direct measure of organisational performance decreased, we need to uninstall the knowledge management system rightaway.

”Hints: Is the analysis correct or incorrect? In your critique, you may explain the problem, identify the strengths and weaknesses and consider any possible corrective measures.

Presentation of your assignment(Hints):

  • Title Page - clearly setting out the title of your assessment,your name,your student id, the unit name,unit code and the name of the lecturer.There must be no graphics or pictures of any kind on the titlepage.
  • Format -submit one file in Microsoft Word.doc or .docx format. The document must have a header and footer as follows:in the header put your student number on the left side of the page and your name on the right side of the page.The footer  should have a page number that is centred on the page.The header and footer should appear beginning with the‘Body’of the document and continue throughout the rest of the document. There should be no header or footer on the ‘Title page’ or the ‘Tableof Contents’.
  • Table of Contents -auto generated using theword processor. The title page and table of contents itself should not appear in the table of contents.The table of contents should be on its own page
  • Body -this is where you discuss your answers in detail, where appropriate,references, headings and sub-headings should be included with the logical progression of your answers from one idea to the next.Do not use the word 'Body' as a heading-identify words that relate to the questions for the heading.
  • References-this is a list of all the books and articles you have cited in your document to support the discussion of your answers. References are essential for supporting your argument/discussion and making it valid. Lack of in-text references compromises value of your findings dramatically. Use Harvard (author-date) referencing style for your in-text citations as well as your list of references. You need to provide at least three (3)academic quality references published between 2011 and 2019. Do not use sources that were published before 2011. Use of Wikipedia and other similar websites is discouraged.

Submission instructions:

Note that:

  • Submission is a three-stage process of(i)uploading the file(s)(ii)saving the file(s)and then (iii) submitting the saved file(s) for marking. Please use the 'Add submission' button in the assessment submission area of the Moodle unit website to select and upload your file(s) for this assessment. You must then click the 'Save changes' button after you've uploaded the file(s) to ensure they are added to your draft submission.
  • Once uploaded and saved, all compatible files will be sent to Turnitin.comfor originality checking. If you wait for half an hour or so after uploading your initial draft submission, you can return and check the Turnitin similarity report for your uploaded file(s)to see whether you want to submit them for marking,or whether you want to delete the file(s), revise and resubmit. For further details, please click here.
  • Turnitin has a 24-hour delay in updating similarity scores for all files uploaded after your initial draft.
  • Any file(s) you have uploaded and left in draft format will be submitted automatically for marking on the due date and time,so you need to ensure that the final version of your submission has been uploaded by this date.
  • When viewing any feedback files for your submission,it is strongly recommended you use appropriate/compatible software applications which correctly open the type of file provided. This will ensure that the feedback is displayed as intended.
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