COIT12205 Knowledge Management Principles - Assignment 2 (PART A)


An intended side benefit of completing this assessment is to provide additional review and practice for successfully sitting the final examination at end of term.

Assignment Overview

Part A –Discussion and contribution

On-campus students(Lecture and Tutorial attendance and in-class discussion and contribution)

The topics to be discussed each week are outlined in the weekly tutorial questions file. Your attendance, participation and contribution will be marked. Your lecturer/tutor may request you to submit written solutions to the weekly chapter review questions.

Distance Education(off-campus, FLEX) students:

You must participate and contribute to the discussion on the ‘Assignment 2–Part A Discussion Forum’located in the ‘Unit Discussion Forums’accessible via the Moodle unitwebsite. This is a good practice of sharing your knowledge with your peers and learning from your peers. The topics to be discussed each week are outlined in the discussion forum as individual threads submitted by the unitcoordinator. You must reply and discuss the questions posted. In order to effectively answer the questions, you must obtain a copy of the textbook.Your participation and contribution willbe marked. This covers the first elevenweeks onlyand youare expected to complete all theseby week eleven. There are not any due dates up until then althoughit is highly recommended you complete them weekly. Discussions posted in the forum after week 11 will not be considered for marking.

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