COIT20247 Data Modeling - Assignment 1 (Written Assessment)

Task Description

The purpose of this assignment is to assess your competency in data modelling using Entity Relationship principles for the given business case study and transforming the Entity Relationship model to 3NF Relations. A case study will be available in the unit website for which you need to develop an appropriate Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) and then optionally convert your ERD into 3rd Normal Form Relations.

The detailed assignment specification including the case study will be available from the unit Moodle site.

Assessment Criteria

The detailed marking criteria will be provided along with the assignment specification.

Your assignment solution will be assessed mainly on the following:

• identifying suitable entities, identifiers & attributes, relationships and cardinalities
• using appropriate symbols to represent the entities, relationships and cardinalities
• specifying relevant assumptions and business rules
• converting the ERD into 3NF relations (optional)

Penalties related to late submission and plagiarism will be applied as per University policy.

Referencing Style  - Harvard

Submission - Online

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