HRES2201 Introduction to Human Resources - Assignment 2 - Group Presentation

In groups of 4-5, you will present information on a company of your choice.  The information you present will come from our textbook as well as outside research.  The assignment will help you develop research, presentation and team-building skills.

Make sure you start this project as soon as possible.  You are in charge of your time and managing the work within your team.  The responsibility of this assignment is yours and there will be much work required with your team outside of class time to excel at this.

I am available to meet if you need clarification and assistance.   

This assignment is designed with some ambiguity to give you flexibility.  Depending on the organization you choose, your presentation will look different than other groups.  The purpose of this is to apply the material we cover and this assignment models much of the work that HR practitioners do in the workplace.

You must ensure Academic Honesty while completing this project.

Our campus has many resources to help you, including our Library.


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