IT243 System anaylsis-IT


You will conduct a systems analysis project by performing 3 phases of SDLC (planning, analysis and design) for a small (real or imaginary) organization.

The actual project implementation is not required (i.e. No coding required.) You need to apply what you have learned in the class and to participate in the team project work.


This project should follow the main steps of the first three phases of the SDLC (phase 1, 2 and 3).

Details description and diagrams should be included in each phase.

Part 1:

Planning Phase Under this section, include the followin:

• Project identification

• Feasibility studies (Technical Feasibility, Economic Feasibility and Organizational Feasibility)

• Adopt an SDLC development methodology

• Develop a work plan (Gantt chart)

• Develop a staff plan

Part 2:

Analysis phase In this section, you are required to determine the main business requirements; consequently, the following must be included:

• Create Use Cases

• Model Processes (Data Flow Diagramming)

• Model data (ER modeling)

Part 3:Design phase Under this section, include the following:

• Select an architecture design

• Screens Design (create the User Interface Structure Design), and sample system screens. No need to be in HTML, they can be just drawing of how the screen will appear.

• Class Design Diagram

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