ITC516 Data Mining and Visualisation for Business Intelligence - Assessment Item 2 - Weka and Written Exercise


Assessment Description

Task 1: Weka Visualization and Analysis

For this task, you are required to install the Weka software, that you will then use throughout the duration of this subject. You will also do some tasks with the Weka software for data visualization and analysis. The first task will build the practical and technical skills that will enable you to compare and evaluate output patterns for visualization.

Load the cpu.with.vendor.arffdataset as follows: Click on the ‘Open file’ button on the top left corner of the Weka panel, select thedatafolder and then the file named cpu.with.vendor.arff. Use this data set to answer the following questions:

1. How many instances and attributes does the dataset have?[1 mark]

2. List the attributes of the dataset [1 mark]

3. List the values of thevendorattribute. How are they different from values of the MYCT attribute? [2 marks]

4. What is the class value of instance number 12 of the dataset? [1 mark]

Task 2: Written Exercise

Topic: Privacy, Addictive and Manipulative behavior in Social Media

In this task, you are required to read the journal articles provided below and write a short discussion paper based on the topic of how data mining techniques are used in social media applications such as Facebook and Youtube to compromise privacy and encourage addictive and manipulative behavior.

You must:
• explain how data mining is used to compromise privacy and encourage addictive and manipulative behavior;

• evaluate the significance of these effects for individuals and society as a whole;

• discuss the ethical implications of these data mining practices; and

• support your response with appropriate examples and references.

The task is worth 10 marks of the overall marks available for assessment 2. The recommended word length for this posting is 1000 to 1500 words.

Journal articles:




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