ITC542 Internetworking with TCP/IP - Assessment item 2 - Team Logistics, Project Start & Reflection

This assignment is a combination of personal and team work. Your casebook is downloadable from a link in the Interact2 subject site under the Assignment tab or you may also scan it here It gives you step-by-step instructions on what you need to do to complete this assignment. Some of these may be reports from group meetings as well as your own contribution.

Task 2.1 - Team Logistics (2 marks, initial submission in Discussions, then final version in Journal)
Task 2.2 - Read the Case and Assumptions (1 mark) - submission in Discussions, then final version in Journal
Task 2.3 - Project Charter (8 marks) - individual work in Journal only
Task 2.4 - Identifying Stakeholders and Communication (3 marks) - submission in Discussions, then final version in Journal
Task 2.5 - Case Reflection (1 mark) - individual work in Journal only

Important Notes :
Two important items to be posted to Discussions : Minutes and Rating Scores.
Every member must copy-and-paste Meeting Minutes into Journal so marks can be allocated.
The FINAL Rating Score sheet must be posted to Discussions as well, just before date due.
Your lecturer is the Product Owner. Each week during class time (or online meeting) your Product Owner will give you instructions. If appropriate, the Product Owner may issue new instructions to the team.

Hence your attendance at these events is very important. For online students, it is important for you to listen to the recording as soon as it's available. As a team, you work to the instructions of the Product Owner and Team Leader (Scrum Master).
Journal Entry. The Journal function in Interact2 must be used. External journal sites are not permitted.
If your country geo-blocks Interact2 website or your circumstance prevents you from accessing the Internet (eg. due to a disability), please contact your lecturer immediately. If it is an office/organisation firewall preventing access, you must find an alternative Internet access point to complete this task.

This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s:

• be able to identify, critically analyse, reflect on and synthesise the key elements of the IT project management framework, including project stakeholders, communication management, the project management knowledge areas, common tools and techniques, and project success factors.
• be able to critically analyse the role of IT project management within a professional workplace, from the viewpoint of the member/leader of the project team.

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