ITC542 Networking Design (Research) - Assessment item 3


In this assessment, you are required to read Assessment 4 (Research Network Design) and research a range of options/methods that can be used for network designing in Assessment 4. Based on your research you are required to post your views on pros and cons of each available option for the completion of Assessment 4 and select an option that you will use to complete that assessment.

In your post you must also justify the reasons behind your selection. Your post will be marked on:

  • Expressing your professional viewpoint on the topic.
  • Justifying your viewpoint with valid and credible evidence.

You are also required to provide constructive comments on at least one other student's post.

    The final marks for this assessment will be provided along with Assessment 4.


Subject learning outcomes

This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s:

  • be able to analyse IP addressing requirements and design an addressing scheme.
  • be able to analyse the requirements of IP routing and choose appropriate routing methods.
  • be able to demonstrate how internetworking devices obtain their network configuration.
  • be able to ascertain and evaluate selection of applications and protocols for transferring data across the internet.

This assessment has been designed to assist students with the completion of the 4th assessment task "Network Design" by researching the various available tools/methods.

Regular posting also opens peer to peer learning opportunities that will also prove to be helpful for problem solving some of the upcoming tasks that students will encounter later in this subject.

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