ITC560 Internet of Things - Assessment item 1 - Quiz


The Online Quiz can be accessed through Interact2. The questions are based on the material covered by Topics 01 and 02, including the Cisco Introduction to Packet Tracer course. You are expected to work through this material before completing the quiz.


This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s:
• be able to explain and demonstrate various components of Internet of Things (IoT)

• be able to analyse the role and importance of IoT in the modern world.

Marking criteria and standards

This assessment item is an online quiz having multiple choice questions. Each correct answer will score 1 mark. There are no deductions of marks for incorrect answers. Most online quizzes will involve multiple choice or true/false type questions, although they may include other content. Marks will be given based on the correctness of the answers. The Online Quiz will be marked automatically and you will receive marks according to the following criteria:
HD At least 85% of answers were correct

DI At least 75% of answers were correct

CR At least 65% of answers were correct

PS At least 50% of answers were correct

FL Less than 50% of answers were correct

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