ITC563 Case study Analysis and Evaluation - Assignment 2


Journal Entry. The Journal function in Interact2 must be used. External journal sites are not permitted. If your country geo-blocks Interact2 website or your circumstance prevents you from accessing the Internet (eg. due to a disability or if you are in a correctional centre), please contact your lecturer immediately. If it is an office/organisation firewall preventing access, you must find an alternative Internet access point to complete this task.

Warning: Entering or editing data in this journal entry after 2359 hours on 24 April will result in deduction of marks (as specified in Penalties for Late Submission).

A popular budget hair dressing chain, ‘Cut Short, offering basic hair dressing service has received a report that indicates that customers take up to 15 minutes to be checked in, get seated and request their styling preferences.

This is valuable time lost as each salon has a significant queue of customers every day.
To improve its profitability, it has embarked on the following :

a) pre-booking appointments through the website - a customer can select their services (e.g. trim, re-style, blow wave) – date and time of day

b) once pre-booking is completed - customer can choose to pay for their booked service via a payment gateway (credit card, PayPal, etc). Those who haven’t paid 24hrs prior to their scheduled appointment, will have their booking cancelled.

c) to encourage pre-booking, appointments booked online will receive a 10% discount.

d) customers not arriving on time to be checked in for their appointment will be levied a surcharge.

The system also has a hair product purchasing option. Customers can order hair products (shampoo, conditioner, styling products) online, pay and pick up their purchases at the time of their appointment.
Question 1 (1500 words) Write a well presented report for the above outlining the business operation to the CEO of Cut Short. Provide any three recommendations that are well substantiated with journal literature and referenced correctlyto supportthis service. (You may use the reasons/justifications above or use your own - thatsupportthis service).

Question 2 (500 words) Provide any two suggestions into improving business service/operation offerings substantiated with current literature. These two items have not been mentioned above. An example could be customer service training.
All referencing to be done in APA 6th edition. Only one reference list is required at the end of both questions.


This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s:

  • be able to analyse the efficiency of information delivery and manage the information and Information Systems.
  • be able to evaluate information capability and delivery options.


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