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Assessment Details
Background Being able to present to an audience is an essential skill for project manager to develop. There are a variety of different settings where project managers may be required to present, from a small team meeting, to a large corporate board and shareholder meeting.

It is important that every presentation take account of whom the audience is. A presentation delivered to an interdisciplinary audience who may have no specialist knowledge of your field will be very different to a presentation in front of learned specialists – even if you are presenting essentially the same project at both venues. 


You are required to give an oral presentation, with an accompanying software presentation, on a person you consider to be a successful leader (e.g. JFK, a friend etc). The presentation is expected to take approximately 10 minutes, with an additional 5 minutes for questions and comments from the audience. 

This assessment will give you an opportunity to research a leader that you admire. As a minimum your presentation should provide details of your chosen persons’: a). leadership style and characteristics, b). stories of their successes, c). why they appeal to you, and d). lessons for project managers. There should be evidence of research you have undertaken through links to theoretical literature, and appropriate referencing. You should be prepared to answer questions about any aspect of your leader.


Please submit an electronic copy of your presentation slides via Moodle.

Marking Criteria/Rubric


Marking Scale

Poor           Excellent

1 .......................... 5


– analysis of leadership style and characteristics, success as a leader, personal appeal, lessons learned,

evidence of research




– language, length of presentation, eye contact, voice volume, pitch and variety





– personal presentation, type number quality of slides and innovation




[15 marks]


Total Worth




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