MKT525 Digital and Social Media Marketing - Assessment item 1


You are to select an organisation/brand you will use for ALL your assessment tasks throughout this subject*. It is recommended that you select an organisation with which you are familiar. This may be where you are employed, aspire to be employed, your own business, or an organisation you plan to create in the near future. Ideally, it is an organisation which could benefit from some assistance with their digital and social media strategies.

Go to the Discussion Board ‘Assessment 1’ and start a new Thread using the name of your organisation/brand.

Then in 200 words you are to:

  1. Detail the name of the organisation/brand and provide a link to relevant website/social media pages
  2. Provide a background on the organisation – include product/service category and current target markets
  3. Justify why the organisation/brand you have selected is appropriate for a digital and social media marketing makeover.

If an organisation has multiple offerings (brands/products/services) you are to select only one!

*TIP: THIS IS IMPORTANT - Pick a brand that is struggling or that you think needs to go in a different strategic direction. If you select a brand that is doing well, the final two assessments will be difficult


Subject learning outcomes

This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s:

  • be able to critically assess and evaluate how communication parameters and practices influence strategic decision making in a digital marketing environment.
  • be able to plan, implement and evaluate digital marketing strategies as a standalone strategy and integrate with more traditional marketing strategies.
  • be able to critically review digital marketing concepts in a broader social context.

The aim: The aim of this assessment is to identify an organisation that requires assistance with their digital and social media strategy. Further it is designed to get you thinking critically about what the key concepts, issues, and concerns are for the organisation/brand, while considering the digital marketing concepts in a broader scope. You will also be able to see and find out more about other organisations selected by your fellow students.

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