MKT600 Marketing Assessment 3 - Reflective video journal


This assessment task builds on your understanding of sustainable marketing ethical and environmental consideration of marketing practices. This assessment task requires you to produce a video presentation of 5 minutes to:
• Demonstrate your learning about ethical consideration in marketing practices;

• Demonstrate your understanding about environmentally responsibility in marketing practices.

The scenario in assessment 1 and assessment 2 is not relevant in this assessment. You are required to review the sustainable marketing case beyond the scenario in assessment 1 and assessment 2.

This assessment requires your understanding of today’s issues of sustainable marketing, as there is a strong call for marketing organisations to practise a responsible marketing. Based on your research about this topic, you should now present a sustainable marketing topic that include:
1. The issues of socially responsible marketing (ethical consideration);

2. The issues of environmentally responsible marketing;

3. A video recording of the above presentation in 5 (five) minutes (+/- 30 seconds).
Note: To pass the subject, students must pass this mandatory assessment aside from achieving a total mark of 50%.  

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