MNG92100 Strategic Asset Management - Assignment 1 (Annotated Bibliography )

The task

The task is to compile a comprehensive Annotated Bibliography about Asset Management Strategy for a chosen Industry Sector. The bibliography must focus on a specific industry sector that you have some familiarity with or interest in, for example, Power industry, Water industry, Oil and gas infrastructure, Telecommunications industry, Rail, Sea Ports or Roads and Highways. A highly specific industry sector such as Automotive Parts Manufacturing or Biofuels Manufacturing is also acceptable provided there is enough relevant literature to support the assignment. Note that the bibliography must reference relevant asset management frameworks.

The Annotated Bibliography must be written in accordance with the SCU Writing an Annotated Bibliography Academic Skills Quick Guide shown at this link.

You should also refer to the SCU Summarising and Paraphrasing Academic Skills Quick Guide found at the following link. 

Selecting an “Industry Sector”

The chosen “Industry Sector” for your assignment can be based on your previous work experience or familiarity through previous study. For example, you might wish to write about “Asset Management Strategy for the Wastewater Industry”. However, you must obtain the approval of your assigned Tutor via email. This is so you can benefit from the advice of the Tutor before dedicating too much time to an “Industry Sector” that might not work due to lack of literature or lack of relevance.

As part A is due on the 28th of March, you should obtain approval of an “Industry Sector” for your assignment soon after Workshop 1 and definitely before the 21st of March.

The structure

  • This Assessment item requires you to adopt the structure set out in the SCU Writing an Annotated Bibliography Academic Skills Quick Guide.
  • Thus, you will have an Introduction, an appropriately titled body in which the annotations reside, a Conclusion and a References section.
  • The body of the report will be structured by you to achieve the best possible communication with the reader.  Examine some journal articles and see how those authors use headings/sub-headings.
  • In developing the body of your Annotated Bibliography start off with as many headings and sub-headings as you like and progressively refine the headings/sub-heading as you focus and tighten your paper.  


  • This is the cover-sheet that SCU requires all students to place on the front of all Assignments. Title-page
  • The title-page is the page that all authors put on the reports and submissions that they write as professionals.
  • Contains a Title e.g. “Annotated Bibliography on Asset Management Strategy in the Wastewater Industry”
  • Contains the name of the author i.e. you.
  • Contains the File Name and Version number of the report
  • Contains the date the report was completed

Header & Footer

  • The Header must contain your name and your student number
  • The Footer must contain the Unit number i.e. MNG92100 and the page number.  Page numbering commences after the title-page.

General guiding information

  • Start writing early
  • Ensure that you go and visit the library for assistance and finding the best possible journals
  • You must read widely and deeply
  • Focus on the current academic literature i.e. 2010 to 2018 but acknowledge seminal articles. 
  • Reference peer reviewed articles where possible.
  • Please use your imagination by providing diagrams, tables, charts, and images.
  • References, tables, charts, and appendices are not included in the word count.
  • Please review the attached Marking Rubric so that you meet all the requirements.
  • The English expression Marking Criteria reflects business requirements.  Check your work, or have another person check your work, for errors in grammar and even those mistakes all authors make because they have been working on the same paper for ‘too long’.


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