MRKT20052 Term 1 2019 - Assessment 2 - Marketing Plan - MRKT20052 Assignment Help

Length: between 3000 and 4000 words

Assessment task:

Assessment 2 requires students to work in groups of up to three students on a selected product from the pre-determined list below in order to prepare a comprehensive marketing plan. The assumption is that the product will be introduced into the Australian market in 2019. This is a group assessment and groups will be formed during week one classes. The marketing plan should be between 3000 and 4000 words in length excluding the executive summary, table of contents, tables, charts/graphs, the reference list and appendices. Your assessment should show an application of relevant marketing concepts, theories, and analytic tools learnt in the unit.


Product Weblink



  • Each student in the group is to research, prepare and present one of the following sections of the marketing plan:
    1. Situation analysis;
    2. Target market identification including marketing objectives; and
    3. Marketing mix strategy.
  • Each student should have enough content to present for 2 minutes on their section and should be prepared to answer any questions on their section. Each group will have maximum of 6 minutes to present. It is up to each group to rehearse and manage the time limit for the presentation.
  • For on-campus students, your presentations will start in Week 10 and is expected that all groups are ready to present in week 10.
  • Distance students will present live via a Zoom session either during the day or in the evening to be determined by the Unit Coordinator starting in week 10.
  • For all students: if you are unable to attend a class/Zoom session and do not let your lecturer/Unit Coordinator know in advance or do not have a doctor’s certificate or a sufficient reason why you were not present, you will receive a zero mark for your presentation.

You can use the example given on pages 69-73 on the textbook as a guide. However, it is highly recommended to check other sources provided in unit’s Moodle page for examples of marketing plans. The preparation for this assessment involves extensive research and each group will need to start working on this assessment as early as possible. Both the marketing plan and the associated PowerPoint slides will need to be uploaded in Moodle under the “Assessment 2” submission link by the due date.

Any assessment with a ‘Turnitin’ score of more than 25% will be checked by the marker and unit coordinator for potential plagiarism issues although it may not necessarily mean that you have plagiarised. If there is a substantial similarity score in the ‘Turnitin’ report, your assessment could be forwarded to an appropriate office/authority.

Assessment criteria:

  • Executive summary (5%)
  • Introduction to the report (5%)
  • Situation analysis (20%)
  • Target market identification and marketing objectives (20%)
  • Marketing mix strategy and implementation plan (40%)
  • Mechanics (report format and writing style) (5%)
  • Presentation (3%)
  • Referencing format (2%)

See Moodle for the detailed marking rubric for assessment 2.

Penalties apply for exceeding word limit (a 1% mark deduction will be applied for every 100 words over the allowed 4000 words limit).

Penalties apply for late submission (a 5% mark deduction will be applied per day unless an approved extension has been granted).

Submission checklist for Assessment 2:

  • Cover page with all group members’ names and IDs (use the cover page provided in Moodle);
  • A 1.5 line spacing and 12 size font in Times New Roman;
  • Word length is between 3000 and 4000 words;
  • The written analysis should be submitted in .doc or .docx format; and
  • The PowerPoint presentation should be submitted in .ppt or .pptx format.
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