This assessment item relates to the learning outcome 1, 2, 3 and 4. More specifically to design and implement a complex mobile application.

The objec...

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Your task is to complete various exercises in BlueJ, using the Java language, and to submit these via the MySCU link created for this purpose.


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Ticket Ordering System

In this first part of Task 2, you should write a Python script for the ticket ordering system. Your program must ask the rele...

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You are expected to research market opportunities, and develop a ‘Market Opportunity Report’ highlighting the opportunities and challenges that exist for...

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Case Study: Connected Government

Connected government enables governments to connect seamlessly across functions, agencies and jurisdictions to deliver effective and effi...

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General Information 

The purpose of this assignment is to select and discuss relevant online resources that exemplify the application of the topic(s) nominated each...

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This assessment relates to unit learning outcomes 1, and 4 stated in the e-unit profile.

Assessment 1 is an individual assessment. In assess...

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Submission of Assessment Item

The link for the assessment item submission can be found in the assessment block on the unit website. One member of the group must submit th...

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In this assignment you will be given a plain file containing a large list of English words from which you must select ones that have particular characteristics.<...

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Your boss, the Marketing Director of Company ABC, is deciding whether to introduce a new virtual marketing team with staff located in Melbourne, Los Angeles, Shangh...

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